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March 24, 2020

To our valued patients:

First, we want to extend our gratitude to you in this unprecedented time. We are thankful for your grace and flexibility as we navigate fulfilling our responsibility to you as your practitioner, while complying with an ever-changing climate of restriction within our practice.

As per the Province of British Columbia and under legislation of our Federal Government, we are considered an “essential business” and they have openly asked for health care offices such as ours to stay open in order to decrease bombardment within urgent care and emergency facilities.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has issued an important update for regulated health professionals in BC, including the College of Chiropractors of BC (CCBC). The update, issued March 23, 2020, provides expectations for health professionals regulated under the Health Professions Act when providing patient care in community settings.

Expectations of regulated health professionals:

1. All non-essential and elective services involving direct physical contact with patients and clients should be reduced to minimal levels, subject to allowable exceptions, until further notice.

2. Allowable exceptions can be made for time-sensitive circumstances, and emergent, urgent, and/or essential care to avert or avoid negative patient or client outcomes, or to avert or avoid a situation that would have a direct impact on the safety of a patient or client.

Further to Dr. Henry’s letter, the CCBC directs that a chiropractor should be providing in-person “emergent, urgent and/or essential care” in circumstances where:

1. The patient has an acute condition that, without care, would severely limit him or her from activities of daily living, and/or the patient has an acute condition that requires immediate attention to relieve pain or because his or her daily activities are severely limited, and 2. The chiropractor can ensure that care will be provided in a manner that provides adequate protection against the risks of COVID-19 infection. 

Further to point two of Dr. Bonnie Henry’s report, our office has implemented precautionary measures:

  • We are sanitizing our equipment and tables in-between each patient visit and sanitizing the entire office hourly.
  • The doctors are utilizing proper hand washing technique between each patient visit.
  • We are pre-screening and ensuring no patients or staff are sick, expressing symptoms, have recently traveled, or breeched any governmental restrictions.
  • We ourselves are practising social distancing and are not exposing ourselves unnecessarily to any situations outside of our home and office.
  • We have reduced our reception capacity to maintain adequate distance between patients waiting to be seen.
  • We have greatly reduced the number of patients we are booking daily.
  • All toys, books, and magazines have been removed from the office.

If you have your next appointment scheduled and would like to keep it based on the aforementioned points, we are happy to see you in office. If you would prefer to reschedule your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We strongly urge you to rebook those appointment to 4-6 weeks from now. We know that once these restrictions are lifted, our office will become very busy, and we do not wish to overcrowd the office.

If your financial situation has changed, if you have lost extended health coverage, or have any needs at this time please do not hesitate to speak directly with either doctor. It is our primary goal to take care of you and your family at this time.

We wish you peace and happiness!

Dr. Carolyne Hiebert
Dr. Jonathan Hiebert
The Pacific Life Team



As required by the Provincial Health Officer and the College of Chiropractors of BC, during the COVID-19 pandemic, chiropractors can only treat patients in-person when providing “emergent, urgent and/or essential care.”

You must schedule an appointment for in-person treatment. Unscheduled, drop-in treatment is not permitted.

Before you can schedule in-person treatment, you must be interviewed by Dr. Jonathan Hiebert or Dr. Carolyne Hiebert to confirm whether you require “emergent, urgent and/or essential care” and to assess your risk for COVID-19 infection.

Dr. Hiebert must interview you over the phone or using internet communications. You cannot be interviewed in person.

To schedule an interview, please call the office. If you already have an appointment booked, you will be called ahead of your appointment for your interview.

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